Florida mangoes for sale: “The Mango Factory” ships mangoes to your door, anywhere in the country by priority mail (usually in 2-3 days) or the fruit is also available for pickup at the plantation in normal seasons. We are a family owned mango grower located on tropical Pine Island, Florida, but have a Bokeelia address.  We pride ourselves growing the best tasting mangoes on the planet, naturally grown, without pesticides or herbicides and natural fertilizers`

As of September 3rd, 2014 we are now picking Keitt mangoes and probably have 2 or 3 more weeks left. The season is rapidly coming to an end so come on out or place your order here on the Website. Email me at TheMangoFactory@gmail.com if you have any questions.

For directions click on “Contact Us/Directions Tab” above.

Mango TreeWe produce some of the world’s most sought after varieties of mangoes that include: Valencia Pride, Hayden, Kent, Keitt, Irwins, Cambodiana, J-Byrd, Ceicl and Apple. Our fruit is unlike anything you will find in a store.  Tasting them will make you a believer.  We have people tell us all the time, they have never liked mangoes, until they tasted our fruit. Others that grew up in mango producing countries, say that our fruit is even better than their native country’s fruit.

We sell to the public, picked up at the plantation or you can order from our website and have it shipped fresh to your door.

Although we are not certified as organic, we have not sprayed or applied any chemicals to our trees in over eight years.  It takes three years to become certified as organic.jack

“The Mango Factory” began in 1964, when the late Jack Flowerree “The Mango Man” purchased 25 acres of raw native land on Tropical Pine Island in Florida. For the next 42 years, he invested his life clearing and contouring the land, preparing the soil, planting, transplanting, grafting, trimming the trees, nurturing, picking, processing, marketing and shipping the fruit, through drought, floods and hurricanes.

“The Mango Factory” continues today producing nine varieties of mangoes that are harvested generally between Mid-June through the first few weeks of September. Pictured above are the delicious Valencia Prides (our signature mango).


Here is “The Mango Man still going strong at 80 holding a delicious Kent mango. Notice the lush grass and park like setting of the trees in the background. He spaced the trees 33 feet apart so that they would not crowd out the vital sunlight that gives his mangos the beautiful palet of colors and great taste.


Pictured from the left to right is Jack’s son, Doug Flowerree and his son Zac, processing mangoes. Doug plans to continue serving the loyal customers many who have been coming for over 35 years and the many more that will discover the best tasting mangoes in the world. Our delightful fruit will make a great gift to share with your friends and relatives across the country. Doug is now in his 7th season after his Dad’s Home going to the Lord.

We have a dedicated and caring staff ready to assist you, including Claudia, Papo, and Carlos. They will make sure to handle your order in a loving and professional way. Try usand you will like us, I personally guarantee it….Doug Flowerree.

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